Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth ADV-AE1
The scientists at Advanced Nutrients were so impressed with Leonardite that they immediately started working around the clock to develop a 100% Organic OIM, golden fulvic acid formula for growers of high value plants like us… ....More
Bio Bizz Root Juice HYN-0071
Root Juice aids in optimal development of the roots of the plant and stimulates existing roots. By encouraging strong root growth, plants will be better prepared to absorb nutrient, resulting in a stronger, healthier and more productive crop! ....More
Clonex HYN-0391
This is a truly iconic product, born out of our own experience as volume propagators way back in the eighties. It was our idea to use a gel base for the rooting hormones and our development of that idea that lead directly to Clonex. It was, as far as we can tell, the first such gel on the market – ....More
Cyco Ryzo Fuel HYN-0027
Cyco Platinum Series Ryzofuel is a unique and exclusive product to the Cyco brand. Used only in the vegetative growth cycle, Ryzofuel aids greatly in natural root, stem and leaf formation. Cyco Ryzofuel is also a source of potassium in the vegetative stages of growth aiding in new root formations to ....More
Formulex HYN-0393
Formulex has become an industry standard and is valued for its utility and ease of use. It is a single solution with amazing capacity for stable pH through its ground-breaking inbuilt buffering capacity. Formulex can be used for almost every fertilising requirement and is an amazingly useful bottle ....More
Spray & Grow Spider Mite Protection Spray - 500ml SAG-SPC-500
The Spray & Grow Spider Mite Protection Spray is a natural way to get rid of spider mites and infestations. The organic composition of this spray means the formula is safe to use throughout any stage of plant growth, and can be used alongside natural spider mite enemies such as bees and predatory mi ....More