Omega 1000W EuroWing DIGI Light Kit
The all, new dimmable 1000W Omega Ballast from Omega lighting is the very latest in cutting edge ballast technology.

Each ballast is surrounded in a galvanized, aluminum, heat sink case. This helps aid the cool and silent running of each ballast. Most lighting refl ectors/shades come with either a 3m or 5m cable. However the 1000W Omega Ballast comes with a lamp striking range of over 30 metres. This means that the ballast will still light the lamp over 30 metres away from the ballast.

We do this to ensure that the ballasts output quality will not be affected, should you need a longer distance between your ballast and your light. All dimmable 1000W Omega Ballasts from Omega Lighting comes with a double fuse system to ensure safety. Plus each ballast also comes with a built in spare fuse.

With a Euro Wing Reflector and a 1000W Lamp your grow room will be bathing in light.